Fad Diet

The Cabbage Soup Diet is a fad diet that’s been doing the rounds for many years. The origin of the Cabbage Soup diet as a recognised diet program can’t really be pin-pointed. No one really knows where it came from or whether it was designed for a specific group of people. The fact that the diet is still around years after it’s first arrival speaks volumes for the level of success it provides.

The Cabbage Soup Diet causes a detoxifying effect on dieter, in other words it’s very similar to fasting. Due to the dangerously low level of protein and carbs, this diet definitely isn’t recommended for all dieters.

Lots of people who’ve undertaken the diet in past years have found it massively successful. Many claim to of lost up to 8 or 9 pounds in a single week. Despite being effective the cabbage soup diet is one of the harder diets to follow and complete.

All the dieter who are considering following it should be made aware of the health implications before they begin.

It restricts your food intake to Cabbage

Firstly, and most obviously it limits your food intake to cabbage. You don’t have to love cabbage, but you should have a tolerance for it at least. It’s a bland diet often and followers often use additional ingredients for example crushed tomatoes and celery stalks. On other days,  fruits and vegetables are added to the diet who is encouraged to eat as many fruits and vegetables as possible. Many dieters add spices to make it more palatable generally, cabbage soup is a boring and tasteless diet.

It can induce alternative symptoms

The diet is renowned for causing headaches and general irritability. Some people have reported a lack of concentration which is often associated with hunger. Usually, a Cabbage Soup dieter will think of nothing other than eating during the diet since its mostly liquid. It can’t fill you up. The general rule of the diet is to eat as much soup as you can, especially when hungry. Fill up and eat till you can’t stomach any more.

It comes with After-effects

The Cabbage Soup Diet, is one of the most famous fad diets available, and can often lead to a dieter regaining the weight they lost within a week of finishing. The diet can also leave the dieter feeling a sense of deprivation which in turn usually leads to binge eating during the week to follow. The term yoyo diet was probably coined for the Cabbage Soup diet! People tend to cycle the diet on and off throughout the year.

Be realistic with your weight loss

The Cabbage Soup dieter has got to be realistic regarding the amount of weight they lose. Although they’ll probably experience a considerable amount of weight loss, it will almost certainly be water weight and muscle tissue they’re stripping from their bodies. There usually isn’t a discernible loss in body fat during short term Cabbage Soup diets. The dieter will most likely put the weight back on again if she doesn’t embark on a serious exercise regime.

The Cabbage Soup Diet isn’t for everyone

The Cabbage Soup Diet isn’t the ideal solution for everyone. Many people can follow the diet through but there are plenty who struggle and  require constantly reminding that the diet is indeed worth it. Those people who suffer from medical and health problems – whether serious or minor – should contact there doctor for advice before embarking on what is essentially starving yourself.