Nautilus Universal 5 Position Bench

Keeping healthy and fit in today’s fast-paced and complicated world may not be as hard and costly as many people might think.

There are very practical health techniques available out there where ordinary people can use to lose weight, tone their muscles and improve their strength.

Many of these techniques involve working out with a good weight bench like the Nautilus Universal 5 Position Bench.

This bench can give you the same quality as more expensive benches that you can find only in costly professional gyms or health clubs but not with the same price tag levels.

You can have great dumbbell workouts and sit-up routines with this bench, which you can extend with leg supports for even more exercise variations right in your own homes.

Product Description

The Nautilus Universal 5 Position Bench is an innovative, compact, beautiful and well-built universal bench that offers users five different positions at -10, 0, 15, 30 and 45 degrees to work on free weight.

These selections allow for practically dozens of varied exercises that users can utilize to target their upper body or have a full core workout.

The Universal 5 Position Bench is similar in built to the popular Bowflex benches also manufactured by Nautilus so users can be assured of getting the same level of quality from this particular equipment.

Nautilus Universal 5 Position Bench Features

The Nautilus Universal 5 Position Bench measures 17 inches in width, 25 inches in height and 51 inches in depth and weights only 21.5 pounds, practically half of what other benches in the market weigh.

Yet, the equipment is designed to withstand user with users having a maximum weight of 300 pounds.

The equipment has a unique contoured shape that is reinforced with five-inch foam rollers that will give users a steady, comfortable and safer workout session.

The bench also feature stabilizer levelers that ensure the equipment remain stable and sturdy when placed on top of any type of flooring.


There are quite a good number of positive reviews about the Nautilus Universal 5 Position Bench available in several fitness websites and many highlight the sturdy but comfortable built the equipment was designed without the need of cumbersome bolts that are not only cumbersome to maintain but would also lessen the aesthetic appeal of the bench.

The bench is easy to assemble and very mobile, allowing users to setup or move the equipment around anywhere in their room or in their homes.

The padding on the bench and rollers are very comfortable and features a good surface feel that does not stick to the body during workout.


Although most of the reviews are positive in nature, there are some users who have made a few negative comments about the Nautilus Universal 5 Position Bench which they believe could have been addressed better.

One of the main problems highlighted is the poor instructions and documentations provided by the manufacturer, leaving users having to figure out for themselves how to properly assemble the equipment, particularly with regards to the decline setting.

The bench is also quite small for use with fitness enthusiasts that are over 6 feet in height.


For a price tag of less than a hundred bucks, the Nautilus Universal 5 Position Bench is definitely a good buy.

Users can have a great fitness tool made from good quality materials and robust design that allows users a full body strength training workout anytime of the day right at the convenience of their very own homes.