The Best Exercise to Lose Weight: Standing

Surprise! One of the best exercise to lose weight is not an exercise, and technically you may be right. Standing may not be an exercise, but standing does offer some wonderful perks. Instead of sitting throughout the day, try standing. No matter if you are cooking, watching tv, working at the office, whatever; just attempt to stand more.

You’ll be surprise but standing is the best exercise to lose weight. It really works. Standing will make you feel healthier and less docile. You won’t be attached to your chair, with your hindquarters expanding by the minute. You’ll benefit by losing a few extra calories, and your muscles will feel less sore, because you can periodically alternate between standing and sitting.

Standing, by itself, won’t cause you to shed a massive amount of weight, but it is a start to the best exercise to lose weight. Once you start standing, you’ll also begin changing other small things in your life, which will add up to a great deal in the end. This will eventually help you shed all those additional pounds.

Another technique to try, once you’ve mastered standing, is walking. Walking is definitely another exercise  that could be considered as the best exercise to lose weight. You don’t have to set aside a large part of the day to do your exercise, you can walk in small spurts and still benefit greatly. You can park your car further away than you normally do, or you can walk to a nearby store instead of driving. Initially this won’t make a huge difference in your overall weight, but over time, your effort will pay off.
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Walking isn’t the only other exercise that could be considered as another one of the best exercise to lose weight. There are also other options, no matter where you live, or what shape you might be in. If you already have a staircase, you have your own stair climber. You can use those stairs even when you normally wouldn’t feel like it and get a few additional steps a day of exercise. It’s great and you don’t have to pay money for a gym membership to achieve all this. It’s completely free.

Cleaning your house is another one of those best exercise to lose weight. Housecleaning can burn calories, especially when you turn up the music and start moving.  Actually, the most important thing is to start moving and keep moving. People pack on weight because they become sedentary and they don’t move enough to burn a normal healthy amount of calories. Just by moving a little, you can burn enough calories to keep from gaining any more weight.

It can all start with standing as much as you can each day. Sitting around never helps any one. Humans weren’t meant to sit for long periods of time. Sitting  isn’t the best exercise to lose weight and it’s not good for you. You should avoid sitting still unless it’s absolutely necessary. If you must sit, break every hour or so for about 15 minutes and get moving! You have just found and I hope take action on the best exercise to lose weight.