Weight Loss Stories

Weight loss stories are all over the internet and are usually a major part of your desicion on whether to follow a specific diet plan or not. The success of others using certain methods is something that motivates us to emulate their success and without these stories losing weight would be a much more difficult challenge.

Weight loss stories ask us questions that we know we can answer. If they can do it then why can’t I? If they lost 20 pounds using that method then I can easily lose 10? Of course everyone has different questions to answer but most of the time these weight loss stories are the defining moment in our weight loss journey.

By far, the hardest part of losing weight is that first initial step. Finding the courage to admit to yourself that you’re not completely happy with your appearance, whether that be looking in the mirror and not liking what you see, walking out of the house and realizing you feel slightly self conscious and don’t quite have the confidence you used to or having that overwhelming feeling that you’re no longer attractive – whatever you’re initial motivation you’ll find that you need a few weight loss stories to spur you on and get you to that stage where you TAKE ACTION.

What you HAVE to understand is that taking action is the single most important part of weight loss. If you take no action then you lose no weight, if you lose no weight then you stay in the same unhappy bubble and that is the cold hard truth.

You think this is a fairly obvious tip but it is amazing the amount of people who dwell on their weight loss campaigns. You’ll of no doubt encountered conversations with people who say “I’m starting a diet in a couple of weeks” or “I’m joining the gym soon” and most of the time these comments fail to be followed up with action.

If you’re feeling down about your weight then it is important you use a few weight loss stories to spur you into action today. I’ve never understood people who delay their diets as when I feel lousy about my appearance I want to do something about it straight away, not have to wait another couple of weeks before I can actually get started doing something about it!

At the end of the day you can read as many weight loss stories as you like but they’re not going to have any influence on how well your weight loss campaign goes. What others have been able to do doesn’t automatically give you the right to do the same, you need to put the work in so you can sit there in a few weeks or months time and tell your own weight loss stories.

Allow weight loss stories to motivate you but DO NOT read them and expect the same to happen to you with little or no effort. These people telling the tales worked hard to improve their confidence, appearance and all round quality of life and it is down to you to do the same.

Take action today and FOCUS on writing your own collection of fantastic weight loss stories!